Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The 3rd Musketeer

The Mjølner arrived this morning!!! Jeroen called at 0730 this morning to say that they were a few hours away. With great excitement we got together with the Elena crew to put our Mjølner receiving plan into action: baked brownies, decorated our dinghies, cooled champagne and “reserved” a mooring buoy with balloons and a welcome poem. At 0830 we could talk to them over the marifone, which meant that they were closing in…it also meant that they could hear us scheming with the Elena crew. With great presence of mind I started speaking in code to Adam to suggest that we move to channel six. Unfortunately, I chose to speak in a rare form of Dutch/ English and it came out as “s-e-x” to which Adam dryly replied “we don’t have time for that now but enjoy yourselves.” Jeroen called on the VHF at 1130 to announce that they were sailing “between the rocks”, ie. entering the harbour. We leapt into our dinghies and sped out to meet them, Adam clutching a bottle of perfectly chilled champagne. It was a beautiful sight as they sailed closer, plunging through the sea swell, Mjølner really flaunting her stuff. We broke the spell with a few loud toots of the horn, the champagne cork flew and Leonie very deftly managed to hand both Jeroen and Luise a (relatively) full glass of champers. The rest of the day was spent pottering from beach to beach, eating and drinking and generally having a wonderful time. Emma and Mees are delighted that Sophia is finally here and we are all very happy to have our 3rd musketeer!

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