Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bald Men and Biscay!!!

After ten wonderful and relaxing days on the Isles of Scilly we have a weather window to cross the Bay of Biscay! Ten days spent exploring, fishing, hiking, biking, beach bbq-ing and having lots of good chats and laughs. Water tanks and diesel tanks are full, sails ready, warm meals have been cooked, everything stowed as securely as possible and the children have been chased around and around the playground to expend as much energy as possible before departure. Finally, the boys have all close cropped their hair to maximize the aerodynamics of the crossing. A few more hours to wait for high tide and then we expect to shoot with wind on our beam out into the bay of Biscay. The plan is to arrive in La Caruna, Spain on Saturday morning.


  1. veel geluk en sterkte toegewenst!!!
    a couruña is erg leuk en erg mooi. Laat weten welke plekken jullie specifiek aandoen want ken daar wel e.e.a.



  2. Een behouden vaart. Look forward to the pictures.

  3. Strakke koppies! :)

    Succes met de oversteek!

  4. Hallo bemanning van de Pjotter,

    Een behouden en plezierige overtocht naar Coruna gewenst!!
    Geniet van het zeilen en vooral de dolfijnen.

    Lieve groeten Maarten en Thea van de NOSTRESS