Sunday, December 27, 2009

Arrival of Nana and Dadcu and A Non-Traditional Christmas Celebration

My parent s arrived late on the night of the 22nd and we spent the night in the same hotel so that we could greet them first thing in the morning. They arrived safely but with a certain amount of stress as the bag with all of the Christmas things was lost along the way! This meant no Christmas stockings, no decorations and no presents!!! It was wonderful to see them again and after a solid hotel breakfast we had a relax at the swimming pool and spent the day wandering about in Paramaribo. Emma and Macsen were immediately happy with their Nana and Dadcu so we left them behind for another night in the hotel and Seb and I headed back to the boat in Domburg.

My parents moved onto the boat with us on the 24th. We agreed to temporarily ignore the fact the it was Christmas and decided to wait and celebrate as soon as lost luggage arrived. This was carefully explained to Emma who seemed perfectly happy to wait with Christmas until we could do it ‘properly’. Somehow, celebrating Christmas in a warm land felt a little different anyhow so none of us were too concerned about being a bit flexible with some of our regular family traditions. As such, we decided to join in the Christmas BBQ on December 25th with the other boats at Rita’s restaurant. There was a festive atmosphere at Rita’s, masses of delicious food on the grill and mountains of nasi and salad. Each boat brought along a pot-luck contribution and the variety was wonderful. The BBQ was attended by crew of all of the boats in the bay including some of our best cruising buddies; Mjolner, big Pjotter, Tangaroa, Victory and the Zilvermeeuw. This made it a lot of fun and gave my parents the opportunity to get to know a lot of the people we are spending time with at the moment. I couldn’t even count the number of children there but there were many and Emma and Macsen spent the evening running around, giggling and having a wonderful time as well. Merry Christmas!

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