Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Day 2: 15.52.47'N 029.22.68'W, 146nm (24h)

December 9, 1200 UTC
Distance to go: 1,731nm
Wind and waves: NE 15-18kn, 1.5-2m
Sails: full main sheeted in, halfwinder as spinnaker

The wind and waves have stayed quite steady and the movement of the boat is quite rhythmic and relatively easy to get used to. The night was relatively slow as the winds went down and we went off course a little so we didn't have to continue directly down wind in light winds (slow and the sails make loud clapping noises). This morning we hoisted the halfwinder. It is symmetrical so, although it is not cut with the same ball shape as a spinnaker, we are using it as one to allow us to go directly down wind. We are thus back on course and making very good progress with boat speeds averaging >7,5 knots. Unfortunately, we still seem to have just over a half knot of current against us so that translates into a slower speed over ground of 7ish knots. Still very speedy for us and we are happy to be able to do this in relative comfort.

Seb and I are using a 3-hour on/ 3-hour off watch system starting at 2000 when the monkeys go to bed. As such we each get 6 hours of sleep in total. To date we feel relatively well rested and can catch up with a nap when the monkeys nap. Emma and Macsen are doing well and do not seem to feel restricted by our tiny wobbly world. They have just had a bath and splash about and are down for their afternoon nap. I'm off to do the daily inspection of the deck to make sure that everything is in order and nothing is broken, about to break or chafing.

We haven't been fishing yet but four flying fish have flown up onto the deck. I was able to save one of them by tossing it back overboard but the other three were found too late for resuscitation. We were able to get a good look and fold out one of the wings which appears to be shaped like a bird wing but made up of the same materials as a fish fin - a bit like a cartoon fairy wing attached to a little fish. Strange but very pretty.

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