Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 4: 14.23.007'N 033.59.814'W, 147nm (24h)

December 11, 1200 UTC
Distance to go: 1,449nm
Wind and waves: NE 14-18kn, 2m
Sails: Main and genoa, starboard tack

Past the 1/4 mark last night at 495 miles, no champagne until we get to the halfway point. A depression in the north Atlantic seems to be sending us some nasty waves that are hitting just aft of our beam. This makes for a very wobbly ride but we were warned to expect this. We have still been able to maintain our schedule on board and have indulged in some fabulous meals and treats. Yesterday we made French toast, baked brownies and Seb made a delicious lasagna for dinner. This morning I baked fresh bread and we smeared it liberally with butter. We may all be a few pounds heavier when we reach Suriname but the rocking motion of the boat keeps our muscles toned.

Today is shower day for the whole family. The monkeys often have a bath in the cockpit in salt water and then are rinsed off with fresh water. We shower with solar showers that consist of a large heavy plastic sack with a spigget. This sack is black and when placed in the sun the water becomes nice and warm (sometimes too hot). These are hung in the cockpit and they provide a rather good shower. The boat does have a shower in the bathroom but we prefer al fresco. Our dishes and clothes are also washed in salt water and rinsed with fresh water from the showers or directly from the tanks. In total we have 350 litres of fresh water in the tanks, 80 litres of bottled water for emergencies (eg. tank contaminations) and an additional 250 litres of fresh water in jerry cans. We have gained a very solid awareness of our water consumption in the past six months and are amazed at what we have become used to.

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