Saturday, July 09, 2011

Day 6: Sunshine!

Date: July 9th, 2011
Time: 1200UTC
Position: 56.54.46N / 034.19.43W
COG/SOG: 35-40 degrees / 7-7.5 kn
Trip: 928nm
Distance to go (DTG): 571nm
Underway: 144 hours
24h distance: 174nm (!)
Conditions: SE 15-20kn, cloudy some sunshine, cabin 21 degrees, outside 9.7 degrees, sea 1.5-2m
Sails: main single reef, genoa double reef, full cutter
The sun popped out for a few hours this afternoon and that felt sooo good. We even opened the companionway to air the cabin and I sat on my watch with the sun baking my back. Maybe it really is July! All is well on board and we are making good progress. Our usual average speeds of 5-5,5 knots (120-132 nm per 24 hours) have become 7-7,5 knots (168-180 nm per 24 hours). This will hopefully bring us to Reykjavik ahead of a low that is moving North East towards us and bringing heavy winds. Full speed ahead!
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