Monday, July 04, 2011

‘Over de Noord’ - The Northern Route

You may have noticed that our website is, once again, not entirely up to date.  Apologies for that.  Although it appears that we are still enjoying the sunny weather of Cuba,  in fact we left Cuba on May  7th and are currently at the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club just outside of St. John’s.   Our plan is to leave on July 3rd for a 1400 nautical mile passage to Reykavik, Iceland.   This promises to be a cold voyage but we hope for fair winds and will be longing for the geothermal  baths of Iceland while underway.   If it is not too cold to take off my mittens I will write a short update of our progress every few days.  From Iceland we will sail to the Faroe Islands, on to the Shetlands and Orkneys and then on home to the Netherlands.  We expect to arrive in Den Helder in the third week of August to give ourselves some time to resettle back into our home before Emma starts school on September 5th.  Please do continue to scroll down the blog from time to time as I do plan to include coverage of our fun adventures from Cuba, up the East coast of the US, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland once we have internet coverage again.  

While we are underway you can check our latest position here.

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  1. Hello from Berlin,

    great to see all the new pics and impressions of your fantastic journey. Have a safe trip back home and let's get in contact as soon as you are arrived in Amsterdam.

    All the best from the Berlin gang

    Yvonne, Stefan, Moritz and two weeks old Sophie