Thursday, July 07, 2011

Day 3: A Day Underway

Time: 0500UTC
Position: 52.39.92N / 041.00.21W
COG/SOG: 35 degrees / 7 kn
Trip: 578nm
Distance to go (DTG): 928nm (down to 3 digits)
Underway: 89 hours
24h distance: 164nm (!)
Conditions: SW winds at 20 kn. Fog. Cabin 18 degrees, outside 11.9 degrees. Moderate seas (2-3 m)
Sails: full main and reefed genoa
The fog seems to have settled over us and most of our time is spent inside at the moment, apart from frequent sail tweeks and checks outside. A little different than our first Atlantic crossing when the majority of our days were spent sunning in the cockpit. The monkeys afternoon time was easy to fill with a long daily bath in their buckets. And we thought that we had to be creative then. Fortunately, they are older now and can entertain themselves a little more. They constantly amaze us with their games of imagination and the stories they fabricate to support their play. Once again we try to keep some structure in the day and it now looks something like this:
0830 Monkeys up and off-watch adult gets up for breakfast
0900-1030 Various activities (We try to vary these between mental and physical thus a painting hour will be followed by an exercise/yoga/ crazy dance/follow-the-leader game, adults switch between weather reviews, lookout and boat management)
1030 Fruithapje (morning snack - so far we still have fresh clemantines, peaches, apples and blueberries)
1030-1230 Various activities (if we are feeling lazy this may include a movie for the monkeys but so far we have only done this once)
1230 Warm lunch (We've taken to eating our heavy meal at lunch and a light lunchlike meal in the evening)
1300-1500 One adult naps with the monkeys
1500-1630 Various activities (the monkeys can both spend ages drawing or colouring, the walls of the boat are becoming rather full of their artwork)
1630—1700 Borrelhapje (this is an afternoon snack, brings us all together and we usually try to make it something special, today was apple crumble with whipped cream and hot chocolate)
1700-1800 Various activities
1800-1900 Dinner (lunchlike)
1900 Off watch adult goes to bed to read and relax (we call this happy hour)
1930 Try to SSB with Herb, the weatherman (this worked well today but can sometime be frustrating due to propagation problems)
2000 Monkeys join the off watch adult in bed (hopefully the adult is already asleep)
2000-0830 Watches continue three hours on three hours off
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