Friday, July 08, 2011

Day 4: Vastness

Time: 0600UTC
Position: 54.30.96N / 038.26.66W
COG/SOG: 35 degrees / 5-5.5 kn
Trip: 724nm (almost halfway)
Distance to go (DTG): 769nm
Underway: 114 hours
24h distance: 149nm
Conditions: light variable winds. overcast. Cabin 21 degrees, outside 8.4 degrees. calm seas (<1 m)
Sails: full main and iron jib (motor)
There is little sun and the stars have been clouded out by mist or clouds every night so we are very grateful for our modern GPS and chart plotter. We do have a sextant on board but we haven't seen anything to 'shoot' in the past 2 days. Tracking our position on the paper chart on the wall helps show the monkeys where we are. I have no idea how the early navigators managed to find anything out here. Truly remarkable really. The size of the sea is overwhelming and it helps us greatly to do continued and detailed analysis of what we can expect, where we are and when we will be another centimeter further on the vast blue of the chartplotter (if you zoom out it looks much more manageable). One or two big ships per night cross our path and even if we only see them as little purple triangles on our AIS and they are 25 miles away it still feels good to have them there. We look back on our first Atlantic crossing fondly and our daily chat sessions with our friends sailing relatively nearby. Even though we are less than 500 miles from the coast of Greenland the sea seems absolutely endless. I'm glad that we have such a cosy crew on board.
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