Monday, May 14, 2007

Jimmy Cornell's - World Cruising Routes

Hij is binnen, de World Cruising Routes van Jimmy Cornell! Op de achterzijde valt te lezen:

World Cruising Routes
is a comprehensive guide to nearly 1000 sailing routes covering all the oceans of the world, from the tropical South Seas to the high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic. The book is geared specifically to the needs of cruising sailors and contains essential information on winds, currents, regional and seasonal weather as well as valuable suggestions concerning optimum times for individual routes. Most of the materials was gathered during the author's two circumnavigations and supplemented by sailors taking part in Jimmy Cornell's offshore rallies.

All the necessary information for planning a voyage in any of the world's oceans has been brought together here in a single volume. This thoroughly revised new edition features new data collected by the author on his recent voyage from Antarctica to Alaska via Tahiti and Hawaii.

To simplify the planning of individual routes, some 6000 essential waypoints are listed, and specific routing suggestions given to maximize the chances of encountering favorable conditions en route. Because cruising boats now venture further afield, main ports of entry as well as essential landfall information are given with each route to assist the planning of passages from beginning to end.

The continuing success of World Cruising Routes is due not only to its unparalleled value as an excellent aid to route planning, but equally to its lasting appeal to those who are not yet ready to leave on an offshore voyage and who find, in its pages, a ready source of pleasant dreams of voyages to come.

A companion volume to World Cruising Routes is World Cruising Handbook, a comprehensive cruising guide to over 180 countries around the world.

The information in this book is continuously updated on, Jimmy Cornell's website for cruising sailors.

"A must for every circumnavigator, and fascinating armchair reading for the rest of us."--Yachting Monthly

"Ferdinand Magellan would have loved this book."--Boat/USA

"World Cruising Routes . . . might just be the most important book for long-distance voyagers to come along in decades."--Cruising World

"Guaranteed to induce itchy feet in anyone who has salt in their veins."--Cruising

"No one should think of setting off around the world without first consulting Jimmy Cornell's works."--Practical Boat Owner

" . . . remarkably detailed in its research . . . there is no doubting its value."--Yachting World

"The serious cruiser's bible . . . don't leave port without it."--Cruising

"The finest route planning guide currently available . . . an indispensable cruise planner's source book."--48 Degrees North

  • Essential information on all sailing routes of the world
  • 6000 individual waypoints
  • Advice on route planning
  • Regional weather
  • Winds and currents

  • Kortom een fantastisch boek om langere tochten op papier te plannen!

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