Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emma's 3rd birthday

Plans for the birthday party went into execution last night with the baking of the birthday cake (see photo). Leonie and I then spent 2 hours making hats and wrapping presents (while the boys pretended to help but actually played/ worked to get our SSB radios working – also very important). After several attempts, Emma’s princess hat was a bit of a disappointment. This was a feeling that she obviously shared the following morning as she immediately shunned it in favour of Macsen’s much cooler crown.

The day was planned almost to the minute. Taps sounded at 0730 and we dressed and readied ourselves for the day. This was followed by a visit from the Elena crew at 0900 for coffee, croissants, party hats and presents. We then took a mini-bus to the seal sanctuary in Gweek (1/2 hour away) where we wandered around, watched the seals, played in the rock pools and had a kinder-champagne brunch. The highlight of this visit were the little fish that Emma and Mees got to throw to the fur seals (some of which were gulped up straight out of the air!). Back to the boats for naptime followed by cake and more presents. Then we had some unscheduled activity…Emma and Mees found a tube of zinc salve (for diaper rash) and smeared it all over their faces, hair, clothes and the playroom on the Elena (see photo). This unscheduled activity (and the subsequent clean-up) was run in parallel with an unscheduled diesel tanking of both boats so we were temporarily a little more chaotic than usual. Finally, we settled in for a pancake and strawberry dinner at 1800. Emma closed off her busy day with an international Skype session with the Netherlands and Canada before collapsing (very happily I think) into her bed at 2000 (or shortly thereafter).

Photos of Emma's birthday

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