Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fowey, Falmouth and a Free Evening

Beautiful evening sail from Cawsand to Fowey. Set off just after dinner, put the monkeys to bed and enjoyed a very fast and smooth (though again upwind) sail. The seas were flatter and the wind steady and the Pjotter was performing extremely well. Arrived in Fowey and navigated up the narrow entrance in the dark. Pulled up to Albert’s Quay and enjoyed a drink with Adam and Leonie to celebrate a beautiful sail before heading off to bed. We stayed in Fowey for 2 days and the boys let Leonie and I go out to the pub two evenings in a row!

The last morning before our departure for Falmouth we took a walk around the Fowey harbor. This walk was touted as one of the 100 most beautiful walks in England and intended for the ‘more energetic’ walker. It was indeed a very beautiful wooded walk with great views over the harbour and our boats and a perfect bridge and stream for bathing the little ones about halfway along. After four miles of up and down climbing, carrying Macsen and Pieter on our backs and frequently carrying Emma and Mees and/or their bicycles, we were happy to plop ourselves down for lunch at the Ferry Inn.

And now we are sitting in the Falmouth Harbour. Adam and Leonie kindly offered to look after the little monkeys last night and Seb and I had the treat of a great dinner with just the two of us followed by a beer in the local pub (Chain Locker) on the pier, opened in 1742. Emma was briefly awake but Adam expertly cuddled and read to her and after a little negotiation on whether to have another book, was able to coax her back to bed. Seb and I are now ‘taking care’ of Mees and Pieter this evening to allow Adam and Leonie a free evening dinner out. Our boats are lying side by side and the children are all in bed so this entails listening to the baby monitor and stepping in to cuddle, console, read a book of sing a song if required.

Falmouth is generally considered the jumping off point to the rest of Europe for the sailing community. It is quite a thrill to be here. We intend to use it for a relatively small jump to the Scilly Islands (still England) and will depart, weather permitting, on Friday after celebrating Emma’s 3rd birthday on the 25th.

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