Tuesday, January 05, 2010

207 Miles in 24 Hours!!!

This is a incredible 24hour record for us. Generally we calculate using a 24 hour average of SOG of 5,5 knots per hour, or 132 miles per 24h. Our record during the Atlantic crossing was 157 nm per 24 hour. This new record is thus approximately 30% faster with an average SOG of 8,6 knots.

As soon as it became dark last night we experienced high winds of around 26-30 knots gusting significantly higher. Made good progress with our second 24h distance of 178nm. We are on our final tack and hope to see land in the course of the morning. We expected our 480nm sail from Paramaribo, Suriname to Tobago to take us 3,5 days and it looks like we will arrive within 2,3 days!

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