Friday, February 26, 2010

Pjotter Afloat

Jan-Bart and Monique flew out of Port-of-Spain for a 6-week trip back to the Netherlands on January 24th. It was sad and strange to say goodbye to one of three crews with whom we had crossed an ocean. We spent a great deal of time together in the days preceding their departure as their boat was located two boats down in the row from the Pjotter and they frequently came along to support, consult or help us with our small repairs.

Pjotter was re-launched with her newly fixed keel on the 26th and was tied up near to the Mjolner and Tangaroa in the Powerboats marina. After a rock and rolly evening spent listening to our lines stretching and pulling we were shocked to hear a great crack and rushed outside to see that a section of our toe-rail had been torn off by the pitching of the bow in the marina. Horrors! We immediately loosened the lines and headed out on a futile search for a mooring buoy before reluctantly moving the boat over to the more sheltered waters of the Crew’s Inn marina. Here we spent a couple of comfortable nights and lovely days by the pool. We also had some fabulous barbeques using their 3-meter diameter circular grill (under gazebo for those infrequent rainy moments). This is the first marina I have ever been in that delivers a newspaper to your boat every morning and we had our very own garbage bin!

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