Friday, March 19, 2010


Mustique is a private island known as a refuge for the rich and famous, Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger have houses there among others. Access to the island is highly restricted to the 120 home owners and guests of two tiny and rather exclusive hotels. Yachts can anchor in the bay for a relatively low fee however.

We met a lovely family of Dutch-Swiss origin in the playground on Mustique. Valerie and her daughters Alexandra (who is close to Emma’s age) and Leonora invited us to their stunning house for a swim in the infinity pool. While the children splashed about we floated out gazing over the endless water at the spectacular view that spanned all the way to the Tobago Keys.

The island has small twisty roads and there are very few cars as most people travel around in golf cart-like vehicles called mules. We rented a mule for the duration of our stay and used it to explore the island and visit the relatively empty beaches. Seb took a diving lesson and Emma and I went horse-back riding (sadly for Macsen the minimum age was three). Emma, on Duchess, was thrilled to be led around on a line for ½ hour and my trail ride took us along a beach where we were able to take our horses swimming in the clear blue water. What an amazing experience. In all my years of riding I had never been on a horse while it was swimming.

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