Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Back in Baddeck

St. Pierre is separated from Miquelon by a 3 nautical mile wide strait with very fierce currents. Fishermen call this section of ocean "The Mouth of Hell". The waters around St. Pierre and Michelon are very treacherous, and there have been over 600 shipwrecks along the coasts of the islands.  We departed St Pierre through the Mouth of Hell in sustained 20-25 knot winds knowing that the first six hours of our 200 nautical mile journey would be intense but trusting the forecasted decrease in windspeeds to bring us safely to Baddeck.   

Our arrival in Baddeck was just like old home week.  Jared and Leah from Baddeck Marine welcomed us and especially the monkeys with great warmth.  We spent two days there sitting out some nasty rains and high winds before finally having some really warm summer weather. Ahhhh. Nice to put the fleecies, long pants and rain gear away for a little while.   

Stayed to see a demonstration of experiments Bell apparently used to show to his grandchildren.  Emma even volunteered to assist with one of the experiments in front of an audience of 30 people.  She stood very bravely at the front of the group and demonstrated that if a candle burns off oxygen in a jar held over a plate of water a reduction in the air pressure in the jar causes the water under the jar to be sucked up into it.  Her favourite part was adding the food colouring to the water so that we could see it in the jar.

As we walked back to the boat we passed an antique store with a suit of armour outside and Emma spontaneously shared a little wisdom with me. “Mama, do only smart princesses know that dragons are really nice? Because then they could tell all of the other princesses that dragons are really nice.  And then they could all tell all of the knights that they didn’t really need them anymore because dragons are really nice.  So then they could all do other things together than fight dragons.”

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