Friday, November 26, 2010

Massachusetts and Arrival in Rhode Island

One thing I will not miss about Maine are the lobster pots! There must have been thousands of them in the small bay outside Freeport on the evening that we left. This meant one adult at the helm peering out to dodge the bobbing buoys one down below keeping the house in order. Seb now has a 7.5mm wetsuit with all of the fixings on board but swimming under the boat in the dark in wobbly waves in 10 degree weather to cut a rope out of our propeller was not in his plans. 
Our average on the Freeport to Provincetown leg was a solid 6,5 knots and we arrived in heavy winds after an 18 hour sail. The winds averaged 25-28 knots and the waves about 2 metres. Heavy but not unheard of conditions yet still we heard three ships calling the coast guard with requests for assistance. We were too far away to help but did hear that all three cases ended happily.

P’town is a bustling town on Cape Cod in Massachusetts known for beautiful dunes and beaches, artists and for its status as a gay village. On our first evening there we took the monkeys for an ice cream and watched the crowds of all sorts moving through, the place was booming and the people watching was fabulous. On our second day I took a long run through the hilly dunes and Seb rented a bike for a solitary pedal. It is unusual for us to do anything by ourselves and thus rather special and probably healthy for a family that lives 24-7 in a rather small space together. 

Wood’s Hole, about 50 nautical miles from P’town and also on Cape Cod, is the home of the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute, renowned for finding the Titanic and for the deep diving research submarine ALVIN. They also have what is reputed to be the oldest aquarium in North America, and the second oldest in the world and that, of course, warranted a visit. Wood’s Hole is a lovely sleepy summery place with a tiny harbour to moor the boat, a fabulous cosy cafe and bakery, and wonderful sandy beaches more to be enjoyed in the warmer months. 

An overnight trip from Wood’s Hole to Bristol, Rhode Island brought us into the harbour of the Brewer Sakkonnet marina at about 0800. Booh was commissioning a new boat at the same marina as we arrived and stopped by for a coffee on his way. We borrowed his car to take the kids to the house where Emma was finally reunited with her cousin Seren. Macsen’s reunion with Rhys was joyous but less dramatic. The boat was taken out of the water in the afternoon by the friendly staff at the marina. The bottom of the boat had grown a rather embarrassingly slow and ugly beard and was ready for new bottom paint and a propeller check, among other things. By early evening we were well settled at Booh and Jen’s watching the kids cavort about deliriously and enjoying a generous glass of wine.

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