Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pancakes and Poor Parenting

The 200 nautical mile sail from Mystic to Chesapeake City gave us a bit of a comeuppance.  Our departure, late in the afternoon, meant that we were just coming out into a rather rambunctious open sea just around dinner time.  We decided to spoil the kids a little to compensate for dragging them away from Mystic by cooking them pancakes for dinner. Bad idea. Macsen (usually a 4-pancake minimum man) ate two and Emma (never less that a 3-caker) couldn’t even finish her first one.  Neither of them were sick but both felt nauseous so we settled them into bed.  The next morning, in calmer seas, they both independently made the shocking statement that they no longer liked pancakes and were not interested in the leftovers carefully saved for them.  Bad association.  Seb and I spent the day brooding on what awful parents we were to expose our children to something so horrible that it would lead them to develop an aversion to pancakes! 

Fortunately it was a quick trip and we anchored in a tiny and shallow inlet next to Chesapeake City at the top of Chesapeake Bay late in the afternoon of November 2nd. To this day our children still do not like pancakes.

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  1. Hi guys, once in the past I had a similar experience as I did not like oven cheese anymore from one day to the other...I could not even make my parents responsible for that...therefore don't grieve you too much... ;-)

    I hope you have had a great Xmas time and I wish you all the best for New Years eve and the year 2011!!!

    Cheers and hello from Yvonne and Moritz too


    BTW: Next year in June we welcome our fourth family member as well...