Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gulf Stream and Tainted Tuna

From Cape Canaveral we crossed over the gulf stream for a 231 nautical mile trip to Treasure Cay in the Bahamas.  We waited for a day of light winds as the gulf stream can be a mighty dangerous force particularly if northerly winds are fighting the northbound current.  We sailed down the coast to Fort Pierce and then tacked out into the gulf stream from there to ensure that we were hitting it at 90 degrees and minimizing our time in it.  This was indeed wise.  Even in the light 9-10 knot northerly winds caused an incredible chop and the 3-4 knot currents slowed us considerably. 

The fishing rod came out again for the first time in a while and it was not long before we heard the welcome zzzzzzing of a bite.  After a short fight Seb landed a beautiful 3,5 kilo tuna. Unfortunately it was within the first 24 hours of our passage and we were both still feeling pretty queasy.  But a 3,5 kilo tuna requires a lot of eating so we felt obliged to begin immediately...with sushi.  Silly idea but it seemed a crime not to eat sushi from such a lovely fresh tuna.  Seb and I sat smiling bravely at each other as we choked down bite after bite of raw fish, what normally would have been an incredible treat.  Ugh.  And the tuna steaks and tuna salad of the next day were a little tainted by this experience. 

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