Saturday, January 29, 2011

Luperon it is!

Time: 01:23EST
Position: 20.44.60N/071.34.693W
Heading: 144 degrees
SOG: 5.5 knots
Trip: 311nm
DTG: 63nm
Sky: clear sky, lots of stars, no moon
Cabin temperature: 27.6C
Wind: light and variable 3-4 knots
Sea state: calm

Day 2 started with the 0630 weather update from weather guru Chris Parker on SSB. We have never been Chris Parker users before but most of the extensive American and Canadian yachting communities swear by him.. We have been sailing close to S/Y Livin' the Dream, also headed for Samana, and have been exchanging notes with them along the way. Livin' the Dream is a sponsor of Chris Parker and they get personalized weather and routing information which they kindly share with us. We are also traveling with another vessel, Cindy a Lee. Cindy A Lee is the home of a very nice dog named Marly and his owners have decided to make a brief stopover in Mayaguana so Marly can have a run. They will then continue on to Luperon so will not be far from us. Our progress is adequate but unfortunately entails much motoring due to light, variable winds.

Day 3. After a night of horribly slow slogging into the equatorial current and light winds at an average speed of 3,5 knots we welcomed the morning with some frustration. Once again we listened to the 0630 weather update from Chris Parker and he still gave a positive go ahead to passages from the Turks and Caicos to DR. Despite this, our sailing companions Livin' the Dream decided to trade in their slow progress for a stop over in the Turks and Caicos. We have decided to cash in our Luperon option, rather than continuing on to Samana, and will head south from Bush Cay in the Turks and Caicos. Things are speeding up a little (4,5-5 knots) and we expect to arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon. By all reports the officials in DR are particularly officious so it make take some time before we can go ashore and explore.

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