Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 1: So Far So Good!

Time: 2000UTC
Position: 49.32.35N / 049.25.70W
COG/SOG: 60 degrees / 6.5-7.5 kn
Trip: 197nm
Distance to go (DTG): 1340nm
24h distance: 142nm
Conditions: SE winds at 15 kn. Sunny few fog banks. Cabin 20 degrees, outside 7.5 derees. Light to moderate seas (1-2 m)
Leaving Newfoudland, the cosy marina and all of the wonderful people we'd met was a challenge, especially with a long, cold and blustery crossing to Iceland before our noses. As such, the sea seemed rather large around us as we headed out of Long Pond, especially when I caught a glimpse of the vast expanse of blue on the chart plotter.
Beautiful sun and a lovely wind from the beam have given as a unexpectedly warm and pleasant trip so far. Our lunches and afternoon borretljes have all been held in the cockpit. Great news given that we were afraid that the monkeys would develop a vitamin D deficiency during this passage as they would never get outside. Dolphins have been leaping about the boat and we've seen a whale in the distance. We are also surrounded by a variety of birds that give us a cheerful feel. So far so good!
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