Saturday, July 16, 2011


No visit to Iceland is complete without a frolic in the snow…even in late July.  The 75km long Isafjardarfjup is the largest fjord in the region.  Craggy mountains, precarious sea cliffs and plunging waterfalls ring the wonderful uninhabited Hornstrandir peninsula.  It consists of 570 square km of tundra, fjord, glacier and alpine upland protected as a national monument and natural reserve.   There are 4 smaller fjords snaking out from the Isafjardarfjup and we chose the most remote one to anchor the Pjotter.  

After a day spent wandering through the tundra and frolicking with the monkies in the snow Seb and I sat in the cockpit enjoying a glass of wine.  It was about 11pm and Seb and we were still marveling at the 24 hour daylight when I saw a brown shape moving along the side of the fjord. A peek through the binoculars revealed a lovely browny-black Arctic fox weaving its way through the shrubs.   So there we were, completely alone, anchored in the middle of the field, surrounded by cliffs covered in wild flowers and snow,  enjoying wonderful weather (relatively speaking), and watching this little furry wonder going about its business.  Not a bad spot to find yourself in on the 5th anniversary of your wedding day.

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