Thursday, July 14, 2011

St. John’s to Reykjavik

Imagine our dismay when, about five days into the voyage, we learned of an approaching low pressure system that promised very heavy winds (35-50 knots!) and waves to match (up to 22 feet!)…not something we were keen to experience.  Although it never looked as they we would be anywhere near the middle of it we were uncomfortable even to be on the periphery of such as system.   Our options were to turn East, adding several hundred miles and 3-4 days to our passage or banking that the winds would remain steady enough to continue our rapid progress straight ahead to arrive in Iceland ahead of the system.   After carefully studying our forecast information we agreed to keep our course and minimize our time at sea. The forecast 15-20 knots of wind SSE-SE delivered and we managed to keep our speeds over 7 knots for the last 5 days.  Our average for the entire 9,5 days crossing was 6,8 knots!!!  All in all it was a physically comfortable and enjoyable crossing with steady winds and minimal seas.   Mentally it was much more trying but regular weather updates and emails from friends and family kept our spirits up most of the time.  The monkeys were an absolute joy and remained positive the entire time, pretty incredible for two young children kept in a small, wobbly enclosed space for days on end. 
At 1200am on July 12th, exactly 9,5 days from departure, we tied up our Pjotter on the public wharf in Reykjavik.  Two very pleasant and efficient customs agent were  on board within an hour and we checked in with them while sitting outside in the cockpit and completed all of the paperwork in the midnight sun. After a very brief but highly enjoyable ‘ aankomst biertje’  we settled with great relief into our finally still bed. 

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