Thursday, August 18, 2011

Licht in Zicht!

At 3am this morning, August 18th, we caught a glimpse of the flash of the Lange Jaap. This is the beautiful big red lighthouse of Den Helder with a light range of 30 nautical miles. Seb grew up in Den Helder and the Lange Jaap has been a large and visible symbol of home for him for his entire life. Rather emotional to see it again from our Pjotter after 27 months away. Just one of several highly emotional moments that I'm sure we will experience over the next few days.
We expect to arrive on Texel, an island in the North of the Netherlands, at around 1100 this morning. Our plan is to stay there for two days and then to sail the last six nautical miles to arrive in Den Helder on August 20. Full circle.
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  1. Beste Sebastiaan en Rhiannon,

    Welkom terug op Texel. Ik begrijp dat jullie Dineke al gesproken hebben. Loop zo wel even langs.
    Feddo van Slooten
    (namens Vereniging van Breehorn Zeilers)

  2. Welkom thuis!!!!!

    De Brandaan