Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back on the ICW

From Norfolk to Beaufort, NC (pronounced Bo-fort) is approximately 150 nautical miles and due to weather conditions we took the inside route along the ICW, stopping to anchor twice along the way.  We kept a close watch on our chart book, the ICW handbook and Bob’s anchorages but still managed to run aground lightly on two occasions.  We made loooooong days along the ICW from 0400 to 1700 (dark) and the going was rather intense and tiring as the route is narrow and shallow and one of us remained behind the wheel the entire time.  The air was cold and our morning departures in <0 degrees before sunrise were tough to pull off.  Arrival in Beaufort, NC was a welcome relief.  

The marina in Beaufort was located in the centre of the town and had its own bar that offered a free drink on arrival.  Very nice.  In Beaufort, we started to meet up again with boats headed towards the South.  Shared some drinks and stories until rather late in the evening with J.W and Virginia (Jinny) from a lovely S&S boat called Over Budget.  And the days started to get a little warmer.  Whew.

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