Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Our first pelican sighting was on the 25 nautical mile sail from Tangier to Deltaville.  Deltaville is a small place with a great marina.  It’s friendly, the facilities are great, they offer a courtesy car and lounge and they are the first marina that we have visited that has an herb garden.  “Don’t pay supermarket prices, have some free spices.” They also have the hugest swing set I have ever seen which, needless to say,  was also very popular with the monkeys.  As a final plus, there are two West Marine stores close by. 

In Deltaville we waited (rather impatiently) for the new pole for our solar panel to arrive from Rhode Island.  After over a month of waiting we were anxious to have it installed and be able to move on.  Two of the three pieces did arrive with the UPS van as scheduled but the third (critical) piece was delayed.  To add to our frustration, a slight error had been made in the design and we couldn’t install it without some heavy tool-intensive modifications. Grrrrrr.  Rather than wait out the entire American Thanksgiving weekend, we asked UPS to forward the final piece to Charleston, North Carolina.

Following a sadly mediocre Thanksgiving dinner in a local restaurant, we bid goodbye to Deltaville and headed on to Norfolk.

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