Friday, May 06, 2011

Beaufort and a Fast Trip up the Coast

The trip from Miami up the coast to Beaufort was a bumpy one.  We left the front hatch to the monkies room open as the weather was calm at the beginning of the trip.  A rather large wave splashed through a soaked them as the weather picked up.  A small yellow bird landed on board, clearly exhausted and froze.  We took it inside and offered it water and food hoping to revive it but unfortunately it did not live through the night. 

Beaufort is a pretty town and a large crowd assembled there for music festival close to the dock.  The monkies had fun dancing around and we enjoyed the simplicity or the place versus the largeness of Miami.  We met a group of locals on the dock and shared out story.  They left toys and treats for us on the boat the next day.  It really is wonderful how supportive and interested people can be. 
Leaving Beufort on May 16, we took a 4 day sail up to Newport to see Booh and Jenn and their monkies. This was another choppy trip with lots of motoring.  One night Seb and I spent watching a huge lighting storm chasing us.  A exhilarating sight to see forked lightening continuously filling the sky across the whole horizon but very chilling when you are not sure how close it will come.  And it came too close for comfort. And as we headed North the weather became colder again…brrr.

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